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Reveal Lightbox

One of the most innovative features of this Joomla Template is the possibility to include reveal modal on every place where you want. Reveal Modals are made for show a Joomla Module in nice Lightbox. See the big feature list above.

  • Including is so easy and comfortable using our integrated shortcode system
  • It's possible to display up to 10 reveals on every page and link them internal
  • Reveal is no iframe it's inline content, so search engines will thank you
  • Of course the reveal modal is fully responsive and fits to all devices
  • Display nearly every Joomla Module in this reveal, for example a Login Module


Reveal as a Link click link

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Reveal as a Image click image

How to use

You can use this Shortcodes everywhere in your content, click here to find out more.

{button-data | medium templatecolor | # | Text for the Button | data-reveal-id="name-of-the-module"} {link-data | reveal | # | Text for the Link | data-reveal-id="name-of-the-module"} {image-data | reveal | # | /path-to-image.jpg | data-reveal-id="name-of-the-module"}

Follow this instruction step-by-step to create your Reveal Modal:

  • Add a new module (for example the custom html module)
  • Place your text/content/shortcode/image inside the textfield
  • Give a module position like reveal1
  • Made menu assignment to the page where to display
  • Save the module
  • Go to the page/module/area where to display and use one of the upper shortcodes

Attention: It's really easy to use this reveal modal but some things keep in mind:

  • Use one of the possible module positions reveal1 - reveal10
  • Use Menu Assignment to display only on pages where you want to open the modal cause it loads otherwise on every page
  • Don't use the Reveal for display Maps, many Images or Videos, for this Case we have the Titan Lightbox included

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